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Princess Daisy
Northern Lights (Pattern available in shop)
Stardew Valley
Stained Glass Windows
Pride Octopus
Joy, Best of Show (Pattern available in shop)
Halloween (Pattern available in shop)
Hollywood Tree
Mt Rainier
Super Mario Brothers 1
Super Mario Brothers 3
Super Mario Brothers 2
Seattle (longarming)
Tee shirt quilt
Flowers (longarming)
Sky (longarming)
Down the rabbit hole (longarming)


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About Cole

About Cole



This quilt is absolutely wonderful. The level of detail is astounding. From a distance, it is a wonderful rendering of a classic game. When you get up close you see how much care and attention was put in. The waterfall has fish fabric and is quilted with blue waves. The 2 blocks that make up the sky are all sky fabrics. One is actually the sky from Starry Night. Each object perfectly interacts with the sky blocks. They are not appliqued on mind you. If each pixel is a square then Cole made sure the sky around Toad, the coins, the masks, etc. are all pixel-perfect when he was piecing them. The best thing I can say is what my friends told me during a dinner party. They said it was a perfect balance between a medieval tapestry and a modern masterpiece. High quality, whimsical, one of a kind. Thank you Cole <3


I commissioned Cole to make a custom quilted Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker wall hanging for my partner as a wedding gift. I was so impressed with how the final piece turned out! Working with Cole to design the project was a lot of fun. He took my initial idea for a stained glass wall hanging and took it to an impressive level by using paper

piece quilting. We went back and forth on design elements and he was very receptive to my questions and

suggestions. His pricing for the quality and workmanship that goes into his craft is very reasonable, especially for a custom piece of art. I loved being able to follow along with progress on his social media. The final project was completed quickly, and he took the time to make sure it would be ready to hang when I gifted it. My husband is very happy with his gift. It's a unique art piece for our new home that we will cherish forever. Thank you so much!


This quilt is phenomenal. The planning alone that must have gone into it astounds me. With Cole's complex design and  variety of fabrics, every time I look at the quilt, I find some new, charming detail that I hadn't noticed before. The closer you look, the more you find, and this close attention to detail really showcase Cole's quilting ability. Besides its beauty, it is evident that the quilt is of high quality. The stitching is immaculate and the design is practical and durable. I am very happy with this quilt, and expect to get many good years of cozy use out of it.


Where else can you find a Super Mario quilt? Nowhere! I've looked! Thank you Cole for making such a cool piece! It was 1000% worth the wait. I can't tell you how much this spoke to my geeky adult heart. It's obvious to me that this was stitched with a lot of love and I feel so honored to own this amazing, well made, epically themed quilt that will be in my family for years to come.

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