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Custom FPP Quilt Pattern Comissions

     If you have a picture you would like turned into a quilt pattern Cole's Quilts can do that for you. 

     Cole takes commissions for custom quilt patterns only for full quilts and not single quilt blocks. He does not use quilting software and draws all patterns from scratch. This is very labor intensive and very worth it. 

The Process

1. Your Goals

     In order to make sure you are happy, I will ask you many questions about size and style of the quilt you want. I may require multiple inspiration pictures. Once I have a good idea of what you want I will create a drawing.

2. Creating a Digital Drawing

     I will send you a digital drawing for your approval before and quilt blocks are created.

3. Making a Swatch Chart

     After getting feedback from you about the desired number of colors, I will create a swatch chart with fabric codes (the names for the colors that will be used to label pattern pieces). This can be used to help you choose your fabrics.

4. You will be Emailed Quilt Blocks

     Once each quilt block is completed, it will be emailed to you until you have received all the blocks. This way you can begin quilting as soon as possible.

5. Quilt it!

*Custom quilt patterns will not include fabric amount estimates. Since these patterns are made from scratch, there is no way to know for sure how much of each fabric will be used.

*Patterns will not be delivered as one complete file. You will be sent a picture (with a chart to show where each block goes), a swatch chart and the blocks all as separate files. If you need more information on how to use my pattern system, there are videos on my patterns shop page. You can also download one of my free patterns to so how my pattern system works.


Prices vary, if you would like a quilt pattern, please contact me through the contact page, or email

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