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Quilting Classes

Cole teaches classes at Quilting Mayhem in person as well as virtually. You can also view educational videos below. Some are free and others have rent or buy options. Information on current and future classes are listed below the videos. Availability of classes are subject to change. In person classes take place at Quilting Mayhem in Snohomish Washington (click on the logo for address).

To get updates when new classes are scheduled, join our mailing list on the contact page.



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FPP Design Class

Learn how to design your own fpp pattern with Inkscape which is an open source program.

This summer Cole will be teaching two versions of this class.

-One will be two 2.5 hour classes and Quilting Mayhem and

-The other will be a 5 hour workshop at Stitches Quilt and Craft in Olympia.

Cole also offers virtual instruction $40 for 45 minutes. If you are interested please email Cole by clicking below.


Longarming Classes

Four longarming classes are offered. Longarming 101 is required to take the advanced classes.

Longarming 201: This class is for people who have taken Longarm 101 will focus on free motion, ruler work, and how to combine the two to create interesting designs.

Longarming 202: Students will learn how to create and combine designs and improve their control of the longarm. We will cover ideas for borders, motifs, background designs, and drawing with the longarm.

Longarming 203: Students will increase their skill with rulers. You will learn how to use types of rulers that were not covered in Longarming 201.

I also now teach Longarm Club, once a month.

Click below for more information


Free Motion Quilting on a Domestic Sewing Machine

Did you know it is possible to quilt a queen-size quilt without a longarm? This class will teach you how to free-motion quilt on your own machine. You will learn how to prep your quilt sandwich, how to maneuver a large quilt while free-motion quilting, as well as tools and tricks and some basic designs. 101 is an introduction and 201 can be taken after 101. Click the buttons below for more information


Pixel Pattern Making Class

*This class is not currently scheduled. If you would like to attend please email to request or join our mailing list.

Learn how to create your own Pixel Art pattern for quilts, potholders, stockings, and much more. This class will show you how to create a pattern based on a pixelated picture using nothing but pencil and graph paper. Cole will go through the steps with you of choosing a picture, drawing it out, and planning the measurements. No artistic skills needed! And he promises the little bit of math isn't tough. 

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