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Longarm Services


“Working with Cole was a dream. Not only did Cole supply multiple quilting options in a very swift manner, he helped me edit and create a custom quilting pattern that really makes my project look spectacular. Cole was very accommodating and professional. Thanks a million! I wouldn’t hesitate to book Coles service again.”

Cole's Quilt's specializes in custom and unique quilts. Thus, my longarming service does as well. I do not do any computer guided patterns. I believe that each quilt deserves its own unique quilting that no other quilt has.


Sparse Quilting example

Dense Quilting example

Custom Longarming

$0.045 per square inch for sparse quilting

$0.06 per square inch for dense quilting


This includes working with you to create quilting that enhances and is unique to you quilt


$0.015 per square inch,

water soluble thread is available.

Basic Service

$0.03 per square inch

Examples of this would be only horizontal lines or squares

What is included?

The prices above include quilting your quilt and the thread used. *Batting and binding is not included

Please send the top with batting and backing that extend 3"-4" beyond all 4 sides of the quilt top.

*Shipping cost is also not included. If you are local a meet up can be arranged.

How it Works

Cole's Quilts Longarm Pricing

1. After contacting me we will discuss how you want your quilt quilted.

2. You will be given a price quote and a 50% downpayment is required for me to start working on your quilt.

3. The second 50% will be paid once your quilt is quilted and you are satisfied with your quilt.

4. Once I receive the second 50% your quilt will be mailed back to you

Want your quilt longarmed?

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Sparse Quilting Examples

Dense Quilting Examples

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