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Cole Whitaker


     Cole Whitaker has been painting and drawing since he was a child. He studied art at Cornish in 2010. Since then he has worked as a graphic designer and photographer as well as a Cosmetology Instructor.  His involvement in the beauty industry (since 1999) has given him opportunities to work with students and stylists taking photos of their work to help them build portfolios.  Cole worked for Northwest Hair Academy from 2004-2015 as a cosmetology instructor as well as a graphic designer.  He helped Northwest Hair Academy rebrand themselves by creating a new logo, forms, flyers, posters, marketing material as well as a 200 page textbook.  Cole has also done some freelance work with local businesses and choirs to create graphics for tee shirts, logos and business cards. 

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     In 2021 Cole stepped back from his career to complete a Master's degree in Psychology. During that time he has taken up quilting. Quilting has been very therapeutic for Cole and his quilts brought joy to many people. To inquire about a quilt commission click below.

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