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About The Quilts

Cole takes commission orders on a case-by-case basis for custom picture quilts, wall hangings and other quilted crafts.  Each quilt pattern is drafted by Cole.  Cole's quilts are custom designed, and each change in color you see is a separate piece of fabric. These pieces can be as small as 1 cm. This process is a time-consuming labor of love.  It can take 1-6 months to complete one quilt.  These quilts are not like anything you will find in a store and are meant to be treasured for a lifetime. Quilts are machine washable.


What makes Cole's Quilts different?

Cole's Quilts is just one guy who likes to sew. Hi, I am Cole. I never use the patterns of other quilters to create my quilts. I specialize in designing a quilt that is special and geared toward the uniqueness of the person it is being designed for. I will not sell the pattern used for your quilt to anyone else unless you specifically approve it. Most of the quilts I make are pictures and not what someone thinks of when they think of the word quilt.

A Note on Quilt Pricing

If you have never bought a custom-made quilt, you may be surprised by how expensive they are. I would like my quilts to be affordable however, many people do not realize the cost and time that goes into quilting. For example, the fabric, batting, and other supplies for a queen size quilt can cost anywhere from $200-600. The time it takes to complete a complicated custom pixel quilt can be anywhere from 180-600 hours or more. If you were to pay someone minimum wage for the quilt work that would be $2,608-$9,000+$200-$600 for expenses. I don’t expect most people to be able to afford to pay that much for a quilt. So, the prices you see are high enough to cover costs plus enough profit for me to be able to keep quilting.


Step 1: Send us an email!

Designing a quilt so unique takes some work. When you contact me about a quilt you will be asked a series of questions so I can get an idea of what you are looking for.


Step 2: First deposit of $10. 

In order to start the process you will be charged $10 for a rough draft of the quilt idea to be emailed to you. This also includes one re-draft if it is not quite right. This money will go toward the overall price of the quilt. 

*If you require more than one redraft a second $10 deposit is required.


Step 3: Your price quote.

Once a draft and details are agreed upon, you will be sent a price quote.


Step 4: Put down 50%.

Once you send 50% of the total price quote (minus the draft fee) I will begin work on your quilt.


Step 5: Watch the process.

You will be sent progress pictures so that you feel that you are part of every step and you know how close to finished your quilt is.


Step 6: Last payment.

Pay the second 50% and the shipping fee once you have received confirmation that your quilt is done and it will be shipped to you. If you live in the western Washington area a meet up can be arranged to avoid the shipping fee.


Step 7: Cuddle your quilt. 

How do I go about requesting a quilt?

Cole's Quilts:
Sizes & Pricing


Because people often request non-standard sizes of quilts. My quilt prices are based on a price per inch.

  • $0.18- 0.21 per inch for a forever quilt. These are made with high quality quilting cotton and made to last through many washes.  The price range will depend on the complexity of the design. 

  • $0.00-0.01 per inch additional for Batting High quality poly batting is no extra charge. Bamboo, cotton or wool are up to $0.01 per inch squared extra.

  • Minky backing is an extra $0.01 per inch

  • Intricate quilting (quilting pictures into the quilt or quilting that is closer together than 1") is an additional $0.04 per inch

Example ranges to the right:



Baby Quilt



Twin Quilt



Queen Quilt


*Quilted wall hanging follow the same pricing.





Full Quilt



King Quilt


Order a Quilt

To inquire about a custom quilt or if you have any questions please fill out the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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